Desi Bites

Dana Chicken

Chicken Indiana

Gilafi Seekh Kebab

Tandoori Jalpari

Fish Amritsari

Methimahi tikka


Murg tikka platter

PahadiMurg Tikka

MurgMalai Tikka

KastoriMurg Tikka

Paneer Tikka

SubzSeekh Kebab

Hara Bhara kebab

World On Live Hot Plate

Japanese Yakitori

Minced chicken balls, grilled with live hot

griddle dredged with sweet rice wine sauce

Tepanyaki Chicken Fillet

Light soya seasoned chicken fillet grilled to

perfection, served with bamboo s hoots, baby

corn & mango tout

Mandarin Lamb Steaks

Lamb tenderloin steaks, marinated with natural

soya just & oriental herbs, grilled to perfection

on hot plate

Grilled Seabass

Delicate seabass, grilled with its natural just

soaked in white wine, served with green peas mash

Tokyo grilled Jumbo Prawns

Marinated prawns with garlic mustard, grilled

nicely with asparagus served with Tokyo butter

All the above can be added with tepanyaki

fried rice/ Soba noodles/ Grilled Asparagus/ Pan

seared mushroom/ Aubergiene/ Mango tout

Chicken Buffalo Grill

Your favourite chicken drum sticks marinated

with classical buffalo sauce grilled on hot griddle

and served with Belgium fries or potato mash

and chargrilled veggies

Chicken Medallion A la Calro

Juicy chicken supreme stuffed with mushrooms,

delicately glazed and served with Espanola sauce

Lamb Chops

Mouth-watering Australian chops grilled to

perfection drizzled with pepper sauce,

served with potato mash and herbed veggies

Grilled Salmon

Grilled salmon steak topped with house made hollandaise with

the side of greek salad and minty peas

Indian Barbeque Chicken

Chicken breast marinated with Indian spices cooked on hot plate

giving smoky taste, served with potato fries, kachumber salad

and mint sauce

Boston Cottage Cheese Steak

Cottage cheese steaks stuffed and grilled till bright golden

served with plum tomato herb sauce

Char Grilled Garden fresh Vegetable

Medley of vegetables seasoned and grilled on hot griddle,

accompanied with mint rice and creamy herb sauce


All this can be added with few common sides

“Stuffed Olives/ Grilled Pepper sticks/ Feta Cheese/

Smoked Pineapple Satay”

OEUF’s the magnetic Egg Section

Spanish Omellete

Fluffy Omellete topped with olives, peppers

tomato, baked in oven


Omellete stuffed with mash potato, bacon bits & diced ham

African Omellete

Omellete stuffed with bird chilly slices, minced meat olives

GilafiSeekh Kebab

Quiche Florentine

A stuffed savoury pastry stuffed with egg, pinach&pincged with

nutmeg baked in pre heated oven

Café Classics

French fries

Periperi fries

Hot & crispy fries tossed with periperi seasoning

Chipotle Dip fries

Fries served with home-made chipotle dip to yum your taste bud

Skinned potato Wedges

Herbed garlic Bread

Nachos Grande

Mexican crisp topped with refried beans & grated cheese

to fulfil ur appetite

Thai chilly basil cottage cheese

Crispy cottage cheese dices tossed with basil peanut sauce

Potato corn dumplings in mayo mustard dip

Yummy crispy balls tossed in creamy mix, a classic American


Chicken Nuggets

Crunchy breaded chicken fillet, served with garlic dip

Fish Finger with tartar sauce

Breaded fish fried to perfection served with house special

tartar sauce

Conjee crispy lamb

Shredded lamb tossed with veggies & dried chilly

Chicken Shaslik with fumed bbq sauce

Dices of chicken, pineapple and veggies dressed with seasoning

and grilled on hot griddle

Chicken Satay with peanut sauce

Chicken supreme marinated with thai seasoning grilled and

dredged with peanut sauce

Periperi Chicken wings

Buffalo chicken wings grilled to perfection served with peri

peri sauce

Kung pao Chicken

An oriental preparation with exotic veggies, crunchy chicken

dices and cashew nut



Choice of any 3 from above with add on beverage

choice of egg preparation

Fried Egg/ Poached Egg/ Omellete/ akuri/ Scrambled

“served with whole wheat toast and herbed butter bowl’

Egg Benidict

Poached egg topped on baked beans inside a brioche roll

Chicken sausages platter

3 pcs grilled sausages served with buttered mushroom

and fried egg & baked beans

Chicken sausages platter

3 pcs grilled sausages served with buttered mushroom

and fried egg & baked beans

Side Orders to add on

Buttered mushroom/ hash brown potato/ baked beans.

Indian Platters

Mutton roganjosh Platter

Chicken Tikka Masala Platter

Kumbh mutter masala platter

Butter Chicken Platter

TCS Murg Dum Biryani

Fish Curry Platter

Egg Curry Platter

Paneer Lababdar Platter

Veg Kolhapuri platter

TCS Dum Pukht Biryani

“Served with Burani Raita &mirchikasalan”

TCS Fish Pulao

“Served with Burani Raita  ;mirchikasalan”

TCS Veg Dum Biryani

“Served with Burani Raita &mirchikasalan”

Scrambled Egg

Poached egg on toast

Choice of fried egg

Cheese & mushroom Omellete

Egg Pakoda

Chilly Egg

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